Following the baseline survey on “Peace and Security in Kampala City,” Centre for Economic Social Cultural Rights in Africa (CESCRA) in partnership with International, KACITA-Uganda together with Open Spaces and Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) launched a Safer City Campaign for Kampala Metropolitan City. This initiative aimed at involving the role of the businesses community, residents, city officials, security and law enforcement in Kampala City in the efforts to reduce crime, violence and conflicts and build a collaborative partnership to sustain awareness on maintaining mechanisms for ensuring peace and security in Kampala City.

CESCRA as part of efforts to inform the Safer City Campaign conducted a baseline survey on the general social economic as well as political environment in Kampala City.  The baseline targeted at obtaining the view of the business community both in the formal and informal sector, the leadership of KCCA, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Land, Housing and urban Development, the Parliamentary committee on Security and the Uganda Police Force.
CESCRA partnered with International Alert to find out what makes a City Safer and what are the factors that affect peace and security. The findings from the baseline survey vividly pointed out the link between urban safety and lack of realisation of economic and social rights. For example the issue of youth unemployment, equitable land access and access to urban spaces for business came out as one of the problems challenging urban safety.

The “Safer City Campaign” is a partnership initiative between CESCRA, International Alert. The Campaign aims at strengthening collaboration and partnerships between civil society organisations, the Private sector, Kampala City Council Authority, the police and communities in the city on issues of governance and policies on urban safety and security and conflict prevention. It also aims to enhance capacities of Kampala city stakeholders to dialogue on sustainable means of promoting urban security and resolve challenges threatening urban peace and security and to increase awareness among stakeholders and partners through monitoring and strategic communication on the governance of urban safety and security. CESCRA and International Alert are working through KACITA - Uganda to implement the Campaign.

Values and Commitments

  • Equality of all persons including gender equality and social inclusion
  • Transparency and accountability in all levels of engagements
  • Democracy
  • Participation of all levels of society
  • Engagement through mutual dialogue
  • Respect for all voices of society and actors
  • Models of excellence in all CESCRA undertakings