• Policy Advocacy; CESCRA uses engagement, lobbying and influencing approaches with policy makers, government and regional institutions as well as internal multilateral and human rights institutions.
  • Awareness; CESCRA uses both education, information and media publicity on issues to create awareness on economic social cultural rights amongst the public, relevant institutions and targeted populations
  • Capacity development; CESCRA uses workshops, intensive training, learning exchange and where applicable funding of projects as a way of building various capacities to engage in policy influencing, monitoring and awareness.
  • Policy Research and information provision; CESCRA engages in policy research mainly qualitative research on areas of economic social cultural rights for the purposes of providing information, policy recommendation and opening of grey area issues for policy formulation, advocacy and monitoring. Within Research CESCRA also undertakes facts-finding missions in critical circumstances as to provide information and mobilise for immediate action. CESCRA also in this, also uses testimonies and stories from the ground to amplify the voices of the communities, women, children and the marginalised into policy processes.
  • Networking and partnership building; CESCRA harnesses existing energies of civil society organisation on economic social cultural rights area and other actors to moblise around policy engagement. Exchange learning, joint partnership initiatives are also explored to encourage mentoring, learning and sharing of information.
  • Monitoring treaties, CESCRA in its work, analyses the various laws and policies and how they affect the lives of common communities and populations. It also monitors violations and governments’ implementation of their commitments at national, regional and international levels in a way that enhances government reporting and engagement.
  • Media engagement; CESCRA draw from the available media technologies and institutions to share information, raise awareness, mobilise for action and raise the voices of the public to increase promotion of and respect for economic social cultural rights

Values and Commitments

  • Equality of all persons including gender equality and social inclusion
  • Transparency and accountability in all levels of engagements
  • Democracy
  • Participation of all levels of society
  • Engagement through mutual dialogue
  • Respect for all voices of society and actors
  • Models of excellence in all CESCRA undertakings