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Centre for Economic Social Cultural Rights In Africa

Organisational background
Centre for Economic Social Cultural Rights (CESCRA) is a not-for –profit non-government regional organisation founded in 2010 by four activists experienced in regional human rights specifically on economic social cultural rights and gender equality in Africa. CESCRA intends to harmonise the international and regional human rights law with national reforms and strategies.
Our Vision
A continent realising economic social cultural rights for its population while guaranteeing gender equality, social inclusion and security and sustainable use of resources for all to live in peace and dignity
Our Mission
To contribute to the realisation of economic social cultural rights in Africa through effective implementation of research, advocacy and empowerment programmes and monitoring states' compliance with economic social cultural rights implementation
Advancing women’s land, inheritance and property rights project in Hoima and Bulisa districts

CESCRA introduces a project in the oil areas of Buliisa and Hoima districts, to contribute to increased knowlege and skills on women’s land and property rights. The project is tittled “Advancing Women’s land, Inheritence and Property Rights, and Protecting the Social-Economic Benefits of Women in the Oil and Gas Industry”.

CESCRA’s English, Alur and Runyoro versions of Simplified  Information  manual for  awareness and  a stronger collective voice of grass root women



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