We are the centre for Economic Social Cultural Rights in Africa

We trigger local capacities, amplify voices & enhance linkages for transformative social change in the lives of women and girls in the communities

0ur Focus Areas

We have rolled up a campaign against early marriage and teenage pregnancies; making girls centre of social transformation
We focus on the increasing global urgency and concerns about women’s land, inheritance and property rights

Right to Adequate Housing & Campaign Against Forced Evictions

We addresses the right to adequate housing and the citizen’s right to participation in housing related decision-making, by explaining what the right to adequate housing is.

Urban Safety and Security

We focus on women and youth doing business both in formal and informal sector; linking this to peace and security in major towns in Uganda

The Right to Health

Women operate a repaired well in the village of Do Meabra, Ghana, 5 May 2013. The well was drilled with support from Matching Grant 69051. Training for residents to repair wells was provided with support from Global Grant 25922. Find the story in

The Right to Water and Sanitation

About US

CESCRA is a registered regional non-profit organization, founded in 2010 to contribute to the realization of Economic Social Cultural Rights (ESCRs) of marginalized communities and group of people especially women, girls and youth. The organization harmonizes the international and regional human rights laws with national reforms and strategies to address women’s lack of land, housing, inheritance and property rights, the problem of female and youth unemployment, improved working environment within the informal sector, decision making processes of marginalized communities and making their voices heard within the formulation of national polices. The organization is driven by the commitment to advance the ESCRs and gender equality in Africa to ensure that citizens especially the grassroots enjoy their basic human rights amidst growing business and government developments.
CESCRA intends to harmonise the international and regional human rights law with national reforms and strategies.